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Why invest in Writing Skills Workshops from the Business Writing Institute?
Because powerful & persuasive writing is a must-have skill for employment and promotion.

A nationwide survey of business leaders reveals that writing ability could be your ticket in,or it could be your ticket out.
According to the U.S. Business Roundtable:
  • 2/3 of salaried employees in large companies are required to write on the job.
  • 51% of major US corporations take writing skills into account when hiring.
  • 86% of HR professionals consider poorly written resumes and cover letters to be deal breakers for job applicants.
Our onsite and online courses are designed for those who seek real and immediate improvement in their business writing skills. Whatever your industry, profession, or title (administrative professional, C-level executive, physician, lawyer, engineer, sales professional, or HR manager to name a few) you'll return to your office armed with the skills and strategies necessary to write clear, compelling, correct, and compliant e-mail, business documents, and policies. Business Writing Institute training is an investment in your organization's assets, reputation, and future. Don't let sales, customer satisfaction, and career advancement slip away. To learn more about our proven-effective writing skills workshops, webinars & coaching programs, view our capabilities sheets:

Capabilities Sheets: